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Your chance to work with award-winning experts at ZAYATS Digital Agency for a fixed price
Imagine this: you’ve decided to open your own coffee shop, hair salon, or clothing donation center. We frequently ponder whether enterprising young business owners like you would turn to us for designing a logo or creating a website. While it’s certainly possible that you might consider it, the initial financial investment can often be a significant barrier for startups. That’s precisely why we’re committed to stepping in and bridging that gap, making it easier and more accessible for new businesses to get the high-quality design and marketing services they need right from the start.

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Sponsors 2024

We are donating the ExD proceeds to charity. In 2024, we’ve chosen to focus our support on the Mamo Santa Barbara and MAKos Sacramento animal foundations. Throughout the year, we’ll not only donate a portion of the ExD funds to these organizations, but we’ll also help them cover major events that attract a wide audience.

ExD Brands

Brands that trusted us with their business from the start have grown significantly today
We support you at every stage of your online business development, from creating a strategy and designing your website to preparing and launching ad campaigns

ExD isn't a way for large businesses to snag cheap design work. It's our method of supporting small startup projects and contributing to their development and growth. We truly believe in the power of small companies to make the world a better place every single day!


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